For Professors

What is Macrocampus?

It's an online platform that enables you to create a tailored league to make your students compete forecasting economic indicators. After every release they earn points based on their accuracy and own judgment and a ranking is built to show how they are doing.

What are the benefits of using macrocampus?

  • Higher Engagement
  • Gamification lies at the core of macrocampus. It's a widely used strategy to motivate students by using game elements in learning environments. It is a proven way to achieve higher levels of engagement and better learning outcomes.
  • Connection to real world economics
  • While forecasting economic indicators, students learn their meaning, how to use them and how to describe the current economic environment with sound arguments.
  • Better employabilityStudents develop skills that are highly valuable to employers. After all, what they do at macrocampus is a common task for professional economists working at banks, research companies and government institutions.

Who can use it?

Professors teaching:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic Measurement
  • Applied Economics
  • Business Applications of Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Econometrics
  • Economic Research

How does it work?

1.First, you create a League defining:

  • League period: beginning and ending dates (usually a few months)
  • Indicators to be forecasted (GDP, Prices, etc.)
  • Additional written assignments
2.Then, your students enroll and begin forecasting and completing the required assignments.
3. After each economic release, macrocampus calculates the scores and rankings

Who can see what's going on in the League?

It's private, so just you and the enrolled students can see the activity in the League. The only thing that the rest of the world can see is that your institution has created a League.

Which indicators are available?

We have available the most relevant indicators for the world's major economies. You can check the full list grouped by country here. If you would like to include indicators or countries that don't appear on the list, just tell us and we will be happy to add it.

What's the typical length of the league?

While you can choose how long your league will last, we recommend a minimum of three months so your students have the chance to forecast quarterly indicators like the GDP at least twice and relevant indicators like prices and employment thrice.

Can I define additional assignments?

Yes. When you create a League, you can schedule assignments to ask your students to write a report analyzing the data just released, describing their forecasting model, determining the stage of the economic cycle, and anything else you can imagine. Students are able to upload their files to the platform and you can grade it online.

How can I keep track of the activity on the League?

Macrocampus offer several tools to track the activity on the League so you and your students can easily know what is going on. Pending tasks are easily spotted in the cross reference monitor and you can supervise all the activity organized by date, task or student. Set up email alerts to know when an indicator is about to be released or if a student has uploaded an assignment. We continue to focus our biggest efforts trying to do things easy for you.

How do I invite the students to join in?

Since the league is closed to invited participants, students must be invited to join in by sending them an email with an access link and a passcode to enroll. To make things easier for you, during one of the steps of the creation of the league you are able to upload a list of email addresses and macrocampus will send the invitations automatically. This method will also facilitate tracking the enrollment process and inform you who has enrolled and who hasn't.

How is the score calculated?

Scoring methodology is designed to reward both accuracy and own judgment. The more accurate the forecast, the more points earned, but, at the same time, forecasts away from the "class consensus" earn more points if proven right. Click here to see a detailed explanation.

Can I try it for free?

Yes. We offer a free trial for first time users. All the features are included as in the paid version, but you are allowed to do it only once and the League can't last longer than 6 months. To request the free trial please fill this form.

Ok, I want to create a League. How do I do it?

If it is your first time in macrocampus, fill this form and we will contact you. We work as follows: we will sign an agreement stating the terms and conditions and then we create a user for you that will be the League Administrator. After this, you are ready to login to macrocampus and create your first league with the assistance of the wizard.

Who pays for it?

After you have used your free trial, the League has a cost that varies according to the duration of the league and the quantity of participants enrolled. Fees can be paid by the institution arranging the League, a sponsor elected by the institution or by the students (with a credit card).

For Students

What are Leagues?

A League is a competition arranged by a professor in an educational institution. Students compete forecasting a set of economic indicators selected by the professor during a period of time. The students with more accurate forecasts earn more points and rank higher on the class' leaderboard.

How do I enroll in a League?

Leagues are available only to students invited by the arranging professor. If you are invited to take part in one, you will receive an email either from your professor or from macrocampus with a link and a passcode. Click on the link and a wizard will guide you through the enrollment process including the creation of a new user if you don't already have one.

How do I know what are the required tasks of the League?

Once enrolled, you will have access to the league monitor. Under the "League Setup" tab you will find all the information pertaining to the league like the indicators to be forecasted and assignments to be completed with their due dates. You can also see the required tasks in a calendar view and see all that you have done together with your pending tasks under the "Track Activity" tab.

Can I set up alerts of upcoming tasks?

Yes. You can choose to receive emails that alert you on upcoming releases of indicators to be forecasted, your score after every release, due dates for assignments and the grades you receive. You can set this alerts on the League Setup screen.

How do I make a forecast?

On the "Track Activity" screen in the League Monitor you can enter your forecast for the required indicators in the corresponding row. Keep in mind that depending on how the league was designed there could be many releases for the same indicator with different dates. Be sure that you are entering a forecast for the correct release date. You can change it as many times as you want until 24 hours before the release scheduled date and time.

How do I complete an assignment?

On the "Track Activity" screen in the League Monitor, find the row corresponding to the assignment and click the upload button. Choose the file you have prepared and upload it. Macrocampus will automatically notify your professor that you have completed the task and he or she will have it available to grade on the platform. After you have uploaded a file, you can change it by clicking on the modify button and uploading a new one. After the assignment due date, you can't upload or modify files.

How do I know how am I doing?

You will be evaluated by your forecasts and the grades of your assignments (if the professor has added any to the league). You can check how you are doing as a forecaster in the "Ranking" tab in the League monitor where all the students participating in the League are ranked according to the sum of the points earned in all their forecasts. Remember to check it after every release to see how positions changed!.

Regarding the assignments, your teacher will grade you and give a feedback on each one through the platform. If you have set up alerts, you will be notified of this by email. You can also check it on the "Track Activity" screen in the League Monitor.

How is the score calculated?

Scoring methodology is designed to reward both accuracy and own judgment. The more accurate the forecast, the more points earned, but, at the same time, forecasts away from the "class consensus" earn more points if proven right. Click here to see a detailed explanation.